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 How Often to Have Culver City Air Duct Cleaning Services Done

Depending on your unique circumstances – such as having pets, a smoker or excessive dust buildup in your home – the frequency in which you should have your air duct cleaning service done will vary.
  Smokers – it is not necessary to increase the cleaning frequency if you or a family member smokes outside. If there is smoking within your house, however, you should opt to hire a Culver City air duct cleaning service more frequently.
  Pets – pets are notorious for shedding dander and mites. These particles can saturate the air and cause problems, especially for those with allergies. If you have one pet in your home, you can usually get away with calling a Culver City vent cleaning company once a year, but with more pets you will want to have your air ducts and vents cleaned more frequently.
·         Asthma is nothing to play around with and attacks can be brought on by particles that float around in the air. Those who suffer from asthma should have HEPA filters installed in their vents to keep their homes as free from dust particles and mites as possible.
  If you have had your home recently renovated, you will want to call a Culver City vent cleaning company to come in and ensure that any particles that may have gotten in your vents are cleaned out. The same can be said if you have recently had your home treated for pesticides.
The EPA will recommend that the above situations mandate an annual cleaning of your air ducts. This comes despite the fact that they have established that there is no connection between the air quality in your home versus the health problems that you may suffer. In essence, it is up to you to promote a healthy home and that means enlisting the aid of a Culver City vent cleaning service when you feel it is necessary.

Locating Vent Cleaning Professionals in Culver City

It is not necessary to dig out the phone book today – you can do a simple online search that will yield you several air duct and vent cleaning companies in your area. Not only will you be able to see the company’s information, but you will also be able to view their reputation and avoid those who have negative ratings.
When it comes to maintaining a clean home and stellar air quality, you really want to choose the best Culver City air duct cleaning company.

Many people do not know the importance of having their air ducts or vents cleaned until they start to experience the side effects of having low quality air. Low quality air within your home can cause many

different side effects including:
           Respiratory distress