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Indoor Air Pollution in Culver City – Breathing Evil in

Indoor air pollution in Culver City is a leading cause of a number of allergies, respiratory disorders, and in extreme cases even cancer and death. You probably never imagined that so much ill heath could simply be floating around in your home. Well, it can. Indoor air pollution is a very potent and ever-present risk. Your old HVAC system could be emitting harmful gases; your attic may be home to mold and dander; your shoes may be bringing in a handful of dust and pollen; and there are so many other ways pollutants may be coming in.

To make sure your family doesn’t fall sick because of these indoor pollutants, it’s important that you control them and, if required, eradicate them from your household. There are many ways to control indoor air pollution in Culver City. All if these methods can be properly classified into three subcategories.

Source Control

Source control happens to be one of the most crucial steps in getting rid of indoor air pollution in Culver City. If done properly, it could be the solution to the problem. After identifying the kinds of pollutants inside your home, you need to find out where they’re coming from. You may want to fix that faulty or old furnace if you find out that it’s releasing harmful gases. Similarly, indoor cooking creates quite a bit of pollution and you may want to move the barbecuing outside, or at least to a better ventilated area. An attic cleaning may help to get rid of a lot of particle pollutants.

Improved Ventilation

By allowing the proper circulation of fresh air into the house, you can naturally drive out a majority of pollutants. The buildup of harmful gases and dangerous particles can be avoided just by keeping the windows open as much as possible and installing exhaust fans wherever required. Using good quality vents in the kitchen is another smart move.

Air Cleaners

When source control and improving ventilation do not work entirely well, you can make use of a variety of air cleaners available in the market today. Air cleaner is a broad term for different kinds of air purification appliances that work on different principles and target different kinds of pollutants. An indoor air-quality test could help you determine what the major pollutants inside your home are and what kind of air cleaner would be right for you. You can effectively get rid of all indoor air pollution in Culver City by systematically following all of these three methods.
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